Global oriented I/O module, communication functions and large scale CPU are unified PLC as a TOYOPUC-PC3JG-P.


1.Reinforced memory capacity
Program capacity is expanded by 3.7 times, The inner I/O is increased by 5.3 times, and data register capacity is expanded by 3.6 times (Comparison with our PC3JD).


2.SFC & FBD programming are available
SFC realizes visualization of facilities operation which has been difficult by conventional ladder programming. Also makes operaton programming easy. FBD makes standardization fo function unit ladder programming. And also makes circuit drawing reduction and easy reference design.

3.Message communication is available by DLNK MASTER
Parameter setting and error history records reading are available by message communication with special function slave station. And the trouble shooting time will be much reduced possibility by this function.

2. General Specifications

Item Specifications
Power supply AC85-264V 47-66 Hz(POWER1) DC18-32V (POWER2)
Power consumption Less than 38W(Less than 80VA) (POWER1) 40VA (POWER2)
Ambient temperature 0~55 degrees centigrade
Relative humidity 30-85%RH(But no condensation allowed)
Atmosphere No corrosive gas allowed.
Vibration resistance Conforming to JIS C0911. Freq. Accel. Ampl. Sweep cycles
10~57Hz - 0.15mm 10 times (1 octave/min)
57~150Hz 9.8m/s2 -
Shock resistance Conforming to JIS C0912.(147m/s2 3 directions 3times)
Noise resistance nature 1000V It is based on a P.P (1 microsecond of noise width) noise simulator.
Insulation resistance For [ AC1500V ] 1 minute (during an AC external terminal-ground) For [ AC1000V ] 1 minute (during a DC external terminal-ground) 5V and OV It removes between terminals.
Instant electric power failure The instantaneous blackout permission time 0.5 or less cycles 1s or more (in the case of POWER1) of the instantaneous blackout intervals. The instantaneous blackout permission time 10 or less ms 1s or more (in the case of POWER2) of the instantaneous blackout intervals.
Consumption current 1200mA(Typ.)
Outside size 70.5(W)×130(H)×120(D)mm
Mass 0.5kg

6.Performance specification

Item PC3JG mode PC3J mode 
(initial cofiguration)
PC2 compatible mode
Program system Stored program method
Program control method Cyclic operation method (subroutine function)
Command kind Basic Command: 19 sorts, Timer counter command:21 sorts, Application command: 450 or more sorts
Basic command processing speed 0.08 to 0.28 us/command (Contact), 0.12 to 0.48us /command (Output)
Application command processing speed 0.6 us/word
Program capacity Sequence 180KW (60KWx3) 48KW (16KWx3) *1 32KW
User library 32kW(256) *2
I/O mark 2048 points 1024 points
Internal relay 79872 points 14336 points *1 2048 points
Keeping relay 6400 points 6400 points *1 768 points
Timer counter 3584 points 3584 points *1 512 points
Link relay 14336 points 14336 points *1 2048 points
Data register 44KW 12KW *1 12KW
Link register 6KW 6KW *1 2KW
Buffer register 128KW - -
Communication function port SN-I/F,PC/CMP-LINK 1 port (selectable) DLNK-M2(DeviceNet) 1 port
Input/Output for control Input:X00~X0F *3 
(16 points,-COM)
Rated input voltage : DC24V Rated input current : 5mA/point
(16 points,+COM)
Rated load voltage : DC24V Max. load current : 0.3mA/point
Input/Output for signal Input:X20~X2F *3 
(16 points,-COM)
Rated input voltage : DC24V Rated input current : 5mA/point
(16 points,+COM)
Rated load voltage : DC24V Max. load current : 0.05A/point *4
Equipment information memory 640KB 448KB 448KB *5

*1:Change by selection of allotment of a user memory.
*2:Only the PC3J/PC3JG mode corresponds.
*3:We have a PC3JG(TIC-6125) NPN type (Input +COM Output -COM)
*4:Signal outputs (Y30~Y3F) can not drive induction load like a relay or solenoid
*5:It is necessary to use Hellowin.