1.It is a master module in accordance with AS-i(Actuator Sensor Interface).
2.The data of 124 points of input/124 points of output can be exchanged with the 31 slaves or less.
3.The network wiring length is 100m or less.
4.The cycle time of AS-i is 5ms or less.
5.The slave connection is one-touch because of a special cable.
6.Connected form of network is free.

※AS-i is a cereal ministry wiring system which integrated the signal line with the power supply line.

2. Specification

(1)Communication specification

Item Content
I/O number 124 points of input/124 points of output (4 points of input/4 points of output per one slave)
Communication area I/O relay(X/Y000 - 7FF) Link relay(L000 - 7FF) Internal relay(M000 - 7FF)
Number of slaves 31 or less
The total extension of cable 100m or less (It is possible to extend up to 300m by the repeater. )
Cycle time 5ms or less(31 slave)
Cable Two line type(There is no shield. )
Connected form Free tree structure for bus to diverge free
Transmission speed 156kbps
Data transmission method Master/slave(polling)
Power-supply unit Power supply only for ASi


(1)Module specification
Item Content
Form THU-5503(AS-i M)
I/O module allocation point 0 points
I/O module kind identification code B8 (It is the same as a high-speed remote I/O master.)
Link parameter Setting of the header address of communication (Set by a high-speed remote I/O master. )
The number of sheets of the maximum mounting 8 pieces (Other link modules include . )
Mounting position It is possible to mount on all slots of a basic(CPU) base and the extension base .
Consumption memory capacity 4Kbyte