In MX-CPU, the thing to replace TOYOPUC-M and PC1 is a possible CPU module. MX-CPU can be installed on CPU-slot and slot 0 of the BASE module of PC3J/PC2J.

Moreover, the MX-BASE can be connected with the PC1 bus (PG-I/O bus), and the I/O card for PC3J can be stored.

To use MX-CPU and MX-BASE,TOYOPUC-M and PC1 can be replaced without change in the sequence program of M and PC1 and change in name of I/O LINE.

1.Programable controller TOYOPUC

2. Renewal and maintenance inclination of equipment


3.Development of TOYOPUC-MX(CPU)

4.Specifications (CPU)

5.Development of TOYOPUC-MX(Part I/O)


6.Expansion use of function

7.TOYOPUC-M=> TOYOPUC-MX replacement case

8.Renewal cost-effectiveness by MX use