J-DLNK-M2 is a TOYOPUC-PC10G/PC3J DeviceNet compatible master module.


1.Remote I/O and message communication are supported.
Full time I/O data exchange remote I/O communication and message communication which transmit on-demand command and receiving data are supported. The message communication can write and read special information (error information, status and so on) and setting data to a slave which has a special function.

2.Max. 63 stations, 4096 points available
DLNK-M2 can connect max. 63 slave stations.(nonsynchronous mode only), Max.4096 points I/O control available.3.Diagnose information collection
The result information of diagnostic function I/O remote terminal can be collected by just link parameter setting, not with making message issue program.

2. General information

Item Specifications
Ambient temperature 0-55 degrees centigrade
Relative humidity 30-85%RH (No condensation allowed)
Atmosphere No corrosive gas allowed
Vibration resistance JIS C0911 conformity (150m/s2 3 direction 3 times each) Freq. Acce. Ampl. Scan
10~57Hz - 0.15mm 10 times (1 octave/min)
57~150Hz 9.8m/s2 -
Shock resistance JJIS C0912 conformity (147m/s2 3 direction 3 times each)
Noise resistance 1000V P.P(Noise width 1us)by noise simulator
Withstand voltage AC1500V 1 min. (DC external terminal - grounding terminal)
Current consumption Special DeviceNet cable ( Signal 2, Power2, shield 1:multicore cable.)
External dimentions 35(W)×130(H)×110(D)mm
Weight Less than 0.2kg
Code TIC-6088

3.Communication specifications

Item Specifications
Communication method DeviceNet (Master)
Communication power DC11-25V (supplied through a connector)
Communication speed 500/250/125kbps (selected by a switch)
Communication distance Speed Netword max. length Branch length Total branch length
500kbps Less than 100m Less than 6m Less than 39m
250kbps Less than 250m Less than 6m Less than 78m
125kbps Less than 500m Less than 6m Less than 156m
Communicaion Cable Special DeviceNet Cable (Signal 2, Power2, shield 1:multi core cable).
Max. connected node 64 units (Master 1, Slave 63) *1
Node address 00-63
I/O points. Max. input 2048 (256byte), Max. output 2048 (256byte)
I/O points per 1 slave Max. input 1024 (128byte), Max. output 1024 (128byte)
I/O allocation Minimum 8 points unit.
Link area X/Y,M,L,EX/EY,EM,EL,GX/GY,GM *2
Communication function I/O communication, message communication.

*1:Non-synchronous mode only
*2:GX/GY,GM area are available at PC3JG split mode of PC3JG series.