Grinders Line up
  • Features the TOYODA STAT BEARING
  • Integrates the processes of two machines into one with a combination function.
  • Smallest compact machine in the class
Distance between centers mm 320/630
Swing on table mm φ320
Max. grinding diameter O.D. mm ø0 ~ ø220
I.D. mm ø10 ~ ø120
Grinding wheel OD(Normal wheel) O.D. x Width x I.D. mm Straight:φ405×50[75]×φ127
mm Angular:φ405×50[75]×φ127
Surface speed m/s 30[45/60]
Wheelhead infeed Rapid feedrate m/min ø20
Smallest input increment mm φ0.0001
Wheelhead swiveling unit Swiveling angle ° 0~210
Swivel unit ° 0.00001
Swiveling method Automatic(DDmotor)
Swivel positioning method NC
Table traverse Rapid feedrate m/min 20 / 15
Smallest input increment mm 0.0001
Workhead Type Workhead with live center
Center MT No.4 [special center]
Footstock Type Hydraulic
Center MT No.4 [special center]

[ ]Shows optional specifications.