Corporate Philosophy

Boundless Creativity and Social Contribution

1Customer satisfaction
We aim to provide products and services with satisfying quality and price in a timely manner, through advanced R&D and production engineering.

2Respect for the individual
We aim to realize a vibrant corporate culture through the innovative thinking of individuals and the value of enhanced teamwork, based on shared responsibility and mutual trust between employees and management.

3Good corporate citizenship
As a global corporation, we strive to be a trustworthy, respected corporate citizen by honoring both the letter and spirit of the law of every nation, and through community-based business activities and contributions to industry, the economy and society.

4Respect for the environment
We will dedicate ourselves to creating a prosperous society and to making the Earth a better place to live through business activities that support environmental preservation and provide energy-saving and safe products.

5Steady growth
We aim to ensure steady growth as a leading global manufacturer in high-polymer and LED technologies, through a continually strengthened corporate structure and innovative management response to change.