PCwin is the graphic language which was prescribed by international standard IEC61131-3 It is the programming tool for TOYOPUC which made a programming by SFC possible.


SFC( Sequential Function Chart )

The The conventional LD (Ladder Diagram) programing does not present a clear 'Operation and progress at each process of an equipment.' The PCwin presents visually them whith flow charts.

2. Feature List

Editing SFC editing step, transition, action editing comment editing, search, jump, bookmark program check
Ladder circuit editing contact, coil, counter, timer, function block comment editing search, jump, bookmark program check
Parameter setting operation mode, I/O module, link parameter ME-NET
Monitor step execution time monitor, step diagnosis monitor, SFC and Ladder cooperation monitor, execution trace monitor PC error monitor
Communication writing, reading PC control (PLC start and stop)
Printing SFC sheet, action block list, circuit diagram list comment list, contacts table and others
Setting timer counter setting, register setting communication module setting
Others customize, option


Operation Environment Personal Computer Windows(R)2000/XP to work (CPU : above Pentium3 500Mz)
Memory : above 256MB
File Equipment Hard Disk : Free memory of above 200MB required
OS Microsoft Windows(R)2000/XP
Display Resolution : Color display of above 1024*768 dots. (Screen color sheme : 16-bit color)
Printer Printer compstible with Windows(R)2000/XP


Screen shot
It is composed from three screens and the creating, the display of the program and the monitor become possible hierarchically with project -> SFC -> LD (Ladder).
Process Control
It is possible to think that one SFC chart is one process and to create the process of a maximum of 100/1 program. Also, each process can be controlled independent. At the time of the monitor, it displays a monitor at the same time about the execution condition of the process, too.
Step Diagnosis
By the simple setting, the execution time of each step can be watched over. When the execution of the step doesn't end even if the set time passes, the caution can be output. Also, in case of the extraordinary occurrence, with the step diagnosis monitor feature, it is possible to do a jump display to the extraordinary step.
Execution Trace Monitor
Execution trace in case of choice branch can be known in doing an executed display in addition to SFC chart monitor's displaying the step to be executing at present.
The cooperation between SFC and LD (Transition)
It only double-clicks the place to want to see and it displays a search automatically by the doing
The cooperation between SFC and LD (The step)
It only double-clicks the place to want to see and it displays a search automatically by the doing.
Step execution completion entry
Each step becomes able to set step execution completion and it is complete wait's one of the other step in the branch of the standing in the row and so on.
In case of being in the condition, and so on, it is possible to make the display to have executed a monitor result.
Step Execution Time Monitor
Execution time of each step changes a display mode only and can monitor it realtime. There is not setting on the program which faces a step execution time monitor, being necessary.Feature List