Motion Controllers Product information
Multi-axis motion controller MA1K

Applicable to any machine and excellent cost performance
MA1K is effective in the positioning work of a multi axis.
MA1K is the best for a wide usage such as Loader, attaching ,sealing ,and the treatment device.

Controller integrated with PLC (programmable controller)
The controller is inserted as a module for TOYOPUC-PC3J, contributing to reduction of wiring and installation space.

User-friendly programming language
The motion language TL1 is used as the program language. This is compatible with the programming language of TOYODA's FRIEND robot. Excellent for design efficiency and expansion.

Multi-task/multi-unit function
Up to 15 axes can be controlled. The multi-unit function allows you to define up to 4 units and the multi-task function allows you to control up to 5 tasks independently at one time.

High safety through shared devices
The servo amplifiers use the MC1K, and the servomotors can also use devices of the same series as for the MC1K. The controller is hardware-compatible with the controller for the AF1K, and system software is managed by means of floppy disks and can be downloaded using a personal computer.

Easy-to-use OB and teaching without OB also possible
The teaching box is the OB32 with advanced features which is also used with the TC32 robot controller. A general-purpose operation panel can be used for monitoring and point teaching. Therefore, operation without the teaching box is also possible.