Motion Controllers Product information
MOwin, MOwin5 Support tool for AF1K and MC1K

MOwin, MOwin5 is a support tool for the motion controllers AF1K and MC1K.

1.No specific hardware require
  • The MOwin, MOwin5 runs on a computer, on which Windows is running and one communication port ( or USB port ) is provided.
    MOwin :Windows95/98/NT
  • The printing can be made through any printer applicable to Windows.
  • The MOwin, MOwin5 is applicable to two kinds of controllers AF1K and MC1K.

2.Easy installation.
  • Use of special installer allows anyone to install the MOwin, MOwin5./li>
  • The MOwin, MOwin5 can be uninstalled easily using [Add/Remove Programs].

3.Easy operation.
  • Anyone who is familiar with the operation of Windows can operate the MOwin, MOwin5.
  • TThe MOwin, MOwin5 uses the same menu structure as that used in ITwin and Hellowin.
  • Use of online help makes it possible to easily understand a desired operation without opening of heavy manuals.

4. Various functions provided.
  • A series of operations from creation and editing of parameters, PSW, and NC programs to monitoring of variables and setting of coordinates can be performed without use of any special console.