Production type Cylindrical grinders
  • Features the TOYODA STAT BEARING
  • Abundant functions making high accuracy grinding a reality
  • The smallest machine width, improving line productivity.

Item Unit GF165S-25/32
Height from the floor sufvace to the middle of the center mm 1000
Grinding diameter mm φ 10-φ160
Full length of the workpiece mm 250/320
Eccentricity mm Max. 15*1
Control Unit
CBN Wheel OD mm φ350
Width (max.width mm φ4
Surface speed m/s 80 [120]
Wheelhead Feed method
Hydraulic slideway Linear motor drive
Rapid feedrate m/min φ40
Min. input increment mm φ0.0001
Wheelhead Traverse Feed method
V-slideway, Ball screw drive
Rapid feedrate m/min 15
Min. input increment mm 0.0001
Workhead Type
Live spindle
Center taper
MT No. 4
Max. spindle speed min-1 400
NC Stroke mm 50
Footstock Type
Automatic center distance adjusment
Center taper
MT No. 4
NC Stroke mm 120
Drive Motor Wheel spindle drive motor kW 11 [13]
Wheelhead feed kW 6.1
Wheelhead traverse feed kW 1.6
Work spindle kW 1.0
Truing roll kW 0.75(2P)
Wheel spindle bearing oil pump kW 3.7(4P)

Hydraulic oil pump kW 0.75(4P)
Lubricating oil pump kW 0.75(4P)
Power source capacity kVA 59
Tank Capacity Spindle bearing lubricant L 85
Hydraulic oil L 18
Lubricant oil L 40
Machine Weight kg 8.500/9.000

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