Crank line grinders
High accuracy
  • High accuracy grinding assuring a high quality grinding surface
  • High-rigidity bed reducing thermal displacement and improving chattering accuracy.
Increase in Productivity
  • Achieving high-speed grinding of difficult-to-cut material.
  • Reduction of set-up changeover time.
Reassuring operation
  • Improved reliability with TOYOPUC-GC70.
  • Simplification of wheel replacement.

Swing over table mm φ320
Distance between centers mm 350/630
Grinding diameter mm φ10~φ300
Wheel OD mm φ350[φ100、φ150]
Wheel surface speed m/s φ350Wheel:120[80]
Wheelhead min. input increment m/s φ0.0001
Wheelhead rotation speed min-1 250
Machine weight kg 11,000

[ ]Shows optional specifications.