Machining Centers Line up
Horizontal spindle machining centers
Consistant Production
  • Fast traverse speeds and instant acceleration: 60 m/min at 9.8 m/sec2(1.0 G)
  • The positioning accuracy of each axis is improved by measuring the displacement amount using a ball screw thermo displacement sensor and compensating the numeric value.
  • ATC time (Chip to Chip) is a 2.7 s. quick tool change at BT#40.High speed of 3.7 s. even at BT#50
  • Table index time is 2.0 s. (90? index) even with an 800 kg loading mass on the table.
  • High rigidity cylindrical roller guides are used for each axis feed. In comparison to ball guides, static rigidity is 2.7 times greater and damping time is 1/3 the amount.
  • The design of a center trough that makes it possible to deal with chip disposal directly beneath the cutting point.
Pallet dimensions mm 450×450
Stroke X-axis mm 600
Y-axis mm 600
Z-axis mm 600
Rapid feed rate(X、Y、Z-axis) m/min 50
Spindle speed min-1 15,000〔8,000、20,000〕
Spindle noses taper - BT#40〔HSK〕
Number of holdings tool ATC Number of 60〔40〕

[ ]Shows optional specifications.