Motion Controllers Product information
Feed unit controller AF10

This NC controller (AF10) is a PLC built-in NC controller that controls the feed unit integrated control system. Maximum 4 axes of 2 systems and 6 peripheral axes, i.e. 10 axes in total, can be controlled by the programs.

【Minimum Space】
  • 2-system control improves the cost performance. • Processes can be integrated by 4 axes of 2 systems.
  • Large capacity PLC and communication module are provided as standard equipment. • Large capacity PLC (48K words + 32K words) is built into the AF10. • HPC link, PC link, and CMP link are mounted as standard equipment.
  • Sequence circuits are integrated into the library. • Reduction of the number of circuit diagrams and easy maintenance of the circuits are achieved by integrating sequence circuits into one command. • This library function integrates sequence circuits consisting of multiple blocks into one command as an application command.
  • Canned cycle function by scanning macro. • Complicated calculations, such as detection and measurement cycles, are processed by the NC unit.
  • NC language can be used as system macro. • Use of system macro function makes it possible to control the tapping feed / return, as well as peripheral axis, by one command.
  • Preventive maintenance function. • Prevention of tool breakage by torque monitor. • Information on the end of safe service life by run-hour control.
  • No maintenance tools are required by making the operation and information consolidated. • Use of operation panel (FP-10CX) providing the operation panel functions, as well as various NC and PLC tools, makes it possible to consolidate the operation and information, such as editing of NC programs and ladder circuits and displaying of waveform monitors.
  • Energy consumption is reduced 50%. • Highly efficient power supply and power regeneration amplifier. • Heat radiation mechanism of the spindle amplifier is improved. R Heating value inside the panel is reduced. • Low inertia servomotor.

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