Grinders Line up
  • High Productivity
  • Standardly equipped dual-center drive
  • Optimal package
  • CBN wheel specifications
  • High Accuracy
  • Features the TOYODA STAT BEARING
  • High rigidity bed
  • Machine structure reducing the effects of heat
  • Easy Operation
  • Easily operated dual-center drive
  • Abundant grinding cycles
  • Visualization of maintenance and repair work
e300GP e300GA
CBN Wheel Normal wheel CBN Wheel Normal wheel
Distance between centers mm 280 320 280 320
Grinding diameter mm o~ø80 o~ø80
Wheel O.D. x Width x I.D. mm ø300 x 30 x ø100 ø355 x 38[50] x ø127 ø350 x 30 x ø100 ø355 x 38[50] x ø127
Wheel surface speed ms 45 45