Motion Controllers Product information
1-axis indexing motion controller MC1K

Simple, flexible, and low cost
MC1K is effective to the positioning.
MC1K is the best for the positioning , such as works , tools and treatment devices.

Compact controller integrated with servo-amplifier
The MC1K is a controller and servo-amplifier in one body which does not take up space and can be installed easily.

Flexible-controlled by the PLC
(programmable controller) Indexing point commands from PLC and flexible control is possible. The MC1K can be connected to a PLC with one cable of serial communication (PLC Link) link.

Most suitable motor for the usage
A high-speed motor is used for the servomotor. Since the servomotor is available in models in 50 W for light-load usage up to 15.0 KW, the most suitable motor for your requirements can be selected.

Thee functions in one body
The MC1K can be used not only as a 1-axis indexing controller, but also as a servo amplifier for the 1-axis CNC motion controller AF1K and the multi-axis positioning motion controller MA1K. The MC1K can also be operated by the commands sent from the host controller, such as CNC.

Features an auto-tuning function
An auto-tuning function is built in that automatically performs the servomotor adjustment executed when linking to the cutting machine, eliminating the need for highly trained skills for this task.

Compensation functions
Then compensation amount input function allows you to write the compensation amount for indexing position from the PLC and this compensation amount can be increased or decreased by fixed amount as well.

The one-way indexing direction compensation function(backlash compensation function) can correct the positioning error caused by opposite direction positioning with the backlash mechanisms. Further, the machine can be stopped by an external signal during the indexing operation. (External positioning function) The difference between this stopping position and the programmed indexing position can be used as the compensation amount for another indexing position. (Indexing position compensation function)