Motion Controllers Product information
1-axis indexing motion controller MC10

Feed-axis and peripheral-axis servo amplifiers for the feed-unit control system When using the MC10 as a servo amplifier for the peripheral axis, you can control it by the program language of the AF10 using the field bus function. Additionally, the MC10 can also be controlled by the ladder circuit.The power is supplied from the power supply with the power regeneration function. This power supply can also be used commonly by the spindle amplifier.

  • Common use of power supply unit. • An interface is provided that receives the power from the power converter (made by Mitsubishi Electric) for the NC system. Even though the MC 10 is used as a servo amplifier for the peripheral axis, the power supply unit, magnetic switch, and reactor can be used commonly, ensuring space saving.
  • Energy saving • Power regeneration As the power supply unit is installed separately, the energy regenerated by the motor can be regenerated to the power supply without consumption by the resistor. Low heat generation Use of highly efficient power module (4th generation IPM) makes it possible to reduce the heat produced by the servo drive.
  • Reduction of available models • A part of the connectable motor types are widened. This reduces the kinds of MC10 (unit capacity) models. Motors ranging from 50W to 15KW can be driven by four kinds of MC10 models (030, 050, 150, and 300).
  • Motion controller support library function • Use of support function (library function) for the motion controller, such as MC10 by PC3JL or PC3JM makes it possible to easily design an electrical circuit.
  • Preventive maintenance function • Preventive maintenance alarm output by torque monitor, power on and servo on accumulation time alarm output, and the number of power shut-down cycles alarm output can be made.
  • No maintenance tools required by making the operation and information consolidated • Use of operation panel (FP-10CX) providing the operation panel functions, as well as various NC and PLC tools makes it possible to monitor and edit the MC10, ensuring the intensive maintenance. Additionally, it is also possible to back up all of the data through the operation panel.
  • Maintenance tools have been eliminated through consolidation of operation and information • Use of an operation panel (FP-10CX) provided with a full set of NC and PLC tools in addition to operation-panel functions makes possible NC programming, ladder-circuit editing, waveform monitor display, and other tasks involving consolidated operation and information.

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