Motion Controllers Product information
1-axis CNC motion controller AF1K

Realizes a compact machine tool.
AF1K is effective to the processing work.
It is the best for the Milling Grinding and Hardening .

Controller integrated with PLC (programmable controller)
The controller is inserted as a module for TOYOPUC-PC3J, contributing to reduction of wiring work and installation space.

User-friendly programming language
Programs use an instruction language (NC language) that incorporates the G codes (JIS-compliant) for our CNC units.

Various compensation functions
The fields of application will be broadened by various compensation functions including the external signal positioning function (skip function), incremental/decremental compensation function, and indexing position compensation function.

Synchronized tapping function with high accuracy
Use of synchronized error compensation function makes it possible to perform the tapping with JIS 1 grade even at the error pulse level (with TOYODA MACHINE WORKS' machine).

High-resolution/high-speed servomotor
The resolution of the absolute encoder is 32768 pulses/revolution and the motor speed is 8192 revolutions, capable of long distance control.